[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Mali Music – Young Boy Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Young boy, its in your heart, you out of place, you out of space1
(Young boy)
Watching your back2 you dont feel safe
Daddy left you in that room when you have 4 years old3
Young boy get you out
Im your brother, Im your friend
Im your mentor, Im your partner, Im your daddy4
Young boy where you go?
I can tell the truth cuz you dont know5
(young boy get you out)

I got my head and Im swerving
Hundred miles an hour towards the wall6
But you aint turnin7
I guess you fall before you ball
And that dont make sense at all
(young boy get you out)8

None of that chords Mali Music – Young Boy Lyrics lyrics pain you felt will be justify9
Many, many pains,
Many, many dark nights just lied for fight you10
(Young boy)
And even closest snakes bite, Imma fight
Hit and rise above the stereo type11
(Young boy get you out)

Its how your daddy did to you, its how he did
Its how mama show me, its how we move12
You know they label me, you beast I was throw
Fifty parts I got to scuap, Im making moves13
(Young boy get you out)
Keep the haters off my side, I took this pistol
Young in that dope, we making dizzle14
Typical game in a life with younger wild and reckless
(Young boy)
All cuz you have to rise your soul so drone a breakfast15
(Young boy get you out)

If I dont see you, if I dont reach you
(Young boy)
I know youll be strong, I cant wait to meet you16
Life is coming lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Mali Music – Young Boy Lyrics download mp3 and speed up on fathers for real17
(Young boy)
(Young boy)
I still have drama with your mama still18
(Young boy get you out )
Well Im awake, me tell me being good
Im awake makin show, you living good19

Get up young boy
Young boy
Young boy get you out20

A young boy just die, somewhere a young boy just die
Thats something you lock on21
Some I say right cuz you say
Every time you write a check, your paper be sucks
I see young boys at 24 faking their life
Almost done with no luck song22
We come together we ride throw hell with a stag23
Lift our hopes for tomorrow
Hope for tomorrow, hope for tomorrow we rocking so hard
What you say?24
Every time you see the corner before it was loaded
Were young and hopes for today
Hope for today, hope for this statement
Your boys bring light to all of your ways25
Changing young boy, be all of your ways cord kord chord Mali Music – Young Boy Lyrics kunci gitar spring the chances
Young boy you could only get better
So rock on26

Young boy I want you to come alive
I want you to come alive27
Young boy
Uuuuh, uuuh, uuuh, uuuh, uuh
Yung boy get you out
Young boy its in your eyes
You out of place, you out of space
Young boy
Watching you back, you dont feel safe
Young boy, boy, boy
Yung boy
Young boy get you …28